UN Security Resolution 1990

It’s official. I currently live in a country that (for the next 1.5 weeks at least) has THREE UN peacekeeping missions (UNAMID – Darfur, UNMIS – Sudan, UNISFA – Abyei).  Awesome.

“With the unanimous adoption of resolution 1990 (2011), the Council formally established, for six months, the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), which would comprise a maximum of 4,200 military personnel, 50 police personnel and appropriate civilian support.  Authorizing the use of force to protect civilians and humanitarian workers in Abyei, the Council underscored the imperative for the expeditious deployment of UNISFA and urged Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “to take necessary steps to ensure rapid and effective implementation” of the resolution. “

Basically this is the international community saying “Don’t eff up South Sudan’s independence celebrations.” Of course whether or not the UN leaves in 6 months… who knows.

I’m starting to hear the national anthem a lot more now. People are starting to get pretty excited here as we close in on 1.5 weeks…

Woo! Independence!


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