Mysterious Blob Creature, 2 Inch Gap

Last night a friend and I were talking in my living room. Suddenly, behind us we heard a frantic noise of flapping and fluttering, and when I looked behind me, I saw this black mysterious blob skittering all over the floor, before it finally found the giant 2 inch gap under the door which lead back out onto the balcony and off it went into the dark night.


Those who have been reading this blog may be completely unsurprised to hear that while the creature was freaking out, my internal radar automatically said OMG RAT and I experienced a huge surge of adrenaline, before realizing that it was in fact, just yet another bat.  Those creatures are effing weird looking (and who knew they skittered across floors?), but for some reason don’t trigger the “IMMA EAT YOU” fear that rodents do in me.

The two inch gap under the door was then blocked with a towel, and my friend and I spent a few minutes rehashing all the crappy construction misfortunes of ourselves and our friends: incomplete doors, miswired electricity, ineffectively installed appliances, bathroom floors that drain to hallways instead of outside (and cause floods), leaking roofs, crumbling walls, etc.  There are many buildings here which are absolutely beautiful (most owned by NGOs, government officials and expats), but let’s just say that construction quality here is not always top notch.

I live in what amounts to a mansion by South Sudanese standards, however when you scrape off the top layer of ornate aesthetics and look closer, you realize that a building which is 4 months old should not be in such bad shape.

And probably shouldn’t have bats in the living room.


4 responses to “Mysterious Blob Creature, 2 Inch Gap

  1. Are you sure it wasn’t a cockamouse like on HIMYM? (I think that’s what it was called, the one that freaked out Lily and Marshall)

  2. Erin, maybe it was a Japanese beetle which has migrated from here to the South Sudan! I’m enjoying your blog very much. It is very enlightening and
    well written!

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