South Sudan Flag

My friend in the states throws an awesome 4th of July party every year. This year the theme of the party is celebrating independence and revolutions throughout the world. Since South Sudan’s independence is rapidly approaching (one week!!) I’m all about that, so I offered up any assistance in all things South Sudan related.

My friend also enjoys having coloring sheets at all her parties. Because that’s awesome.

Today I got an email from her that said “Send me a coloring sheet for South Sudan’s flag.”  I looked online and couldn’t immediately find one. At first I was all “GOOGLE FAILED ME!” and was distressed, but later I ended up finding one, however that was after I’d taken matters into my own hands.

Not wanting to let her down, naturally I immediately drew her a flag coloring sheet on microsoft paint (because isn’t that what everyone would do?)

South Sudan flag coloring sheet

And then naturally had to send along the coloring key:

South Sudan flag filled in

So, you know… now you can all play along with the “Let’s color the South Sudan flag” game.

Someone once told me that the South Sudan flag is kinda boring, but I rather like it. I especially like it when you know the meaning behind it – the black represents the South Sudanese people (who are black Africans v. the northern Sudanese who are Arabs), white for peace (because after 50 years of civil war, you better believe the country is antsy for peace in their future), red for blood shed and sacrifices for freedom, blue for the Nile,  green for the land, and the gold star for unity between all the states.

I mean, granted, it might be cooler if it was not rectangular or something, like Nepal’s, or if had a lion eating a crocodile or something, but hey… can’t be picky, I guess.

But I drew my interpretation of that anyways:

Alternative South Sudan Flag


4 responses to “South Sudan Flag

  1. I may print out the lion eating the crocodile in addition to the other option. maybe it can be the flag of Chez 59….although that might be a Snuggied Jedi eating pizza.

  2. Happy Independence Day!

  3. God Bless you! Have been trying to find a colour-in flag for weeks!

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