Celebrations Beginning…

We got the official word that due to road closures and overall celebration, even though tomorrow is technically a working day, we can all “work from home” aka take the day off. Woo!

This afternoon as I ran around the city trying to get some things done before everything shuts down the next few days, I ended up getting stuck behind a parade.  Ten minutes later, and the whole thing was over, but ever since then I’ve been antsy with excitement.

Parade Celebrants

It’s in the air. It’s palpable. It’s people draped in flags, and cell phones spontaneously erupting with the national anthem.

It’s the countdown clock in the main roundabout inching closer to zero.

Countdown Clock! (Ignore that it's totally a day ahead... whatever)

It’s coming.



One response to “Celebrations Beginning…

  1. So Exciting!

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