As the Independence hangover starts to wear off this week a bit, the country is transitioning over to real changes.

The new South Sudan currency arrived in Juba yesterday. Much to my surprise, I actually received some of my bills from a shop back as South Sudan pounds yesterday.  The 1 pound notes are pretty.

It kinda looks like this (Because somehow posting an actual picture of currency seems like an arrestable offense)

The country officially gets its own telephone country code. That’s right, we’ll be switching from +249 to +211. Woo!  In theory, all the cell phones here are just supposed to switch over automatically. Not sure how that works, because my understanding of how voices and vibrations are sent through electronic waves and relayed via satellite across the globe is a little limited.

Apparently it’s “Let’s flee South Sudan” time.  I imagine that things may have been similar after the referendum, but it seems like half the people I know here have contracts that ended right after independence, so in the past week alone I’ve gone to 3 or 4 goodbye parties.

Apparently a new country means changes.

Who knew?


2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Are there giraffes in south Sudan?

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