Soooo… I bought a bike.  Did I forget to mention that?

A few weeks back, one of my friends was leaving Juba (after almost 5 years HOLYCOW) and was selling his sweet ass mountain bike.  And when I say “sweet” I mean “probably the nicest bike I’ll ever own.”

Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I love biking back home. Even though I own a car, 90% of the time, I prefer to bike places.  But I’ve been waiting for the right time to break out the bike in Juba.

Pretty much anywhere I’ve ever lived, people have always responded to my love of biking with “I can’t believe you bike on the streets in Chicago/Boston/Juneau/wherever!”  “Aren’t you afraid of “Crazy drivers/getting lost/bears/the zombie apocalypse?!?”  To which my answer is in all honesty, “Not really” (except that last one a little bit).  I mean, I’ve been biking forever. I used to bike to my Drivers Ed lessons. I bike to work, I bike for pleasure, I bike to get places faster.

But all that being said, I was a teeeeeeeeeeny bit worried about biking in Juba.  Because people really are a little bit crazy driving here.

Today I decided it was time to break the bike out for its inaugural run though, and I couldn’t have been happier. I did a quick 30 minute loop around the city, and I can’t wait to take it out for a spin again. Sure, the drivers are a little nutty here, but nothing crazy(-er than normal), and people actually give bikes good berth. Except that sometimes you have to stop suddenly for goats.

I’m pretty sure the entire time I was biking I looked exactly like this:


(Okay, maybe not exactly like that… I probably had my eyes open. And my feet on the pedals. (I swear I did, Mom.))

Can’t wait to take him out for a spin again. He needs a name though… taking suggestions if anyone’s got them.

ETA: The title of this post was supposed to just be “Biking” but apparently when I was captioning the picture I accidentally wrote it in the title section a bit first and didn’t notice. I like it better this way.


4 responses to “BikingWEEEEEEEee

  1. and shoes on your feet?

  2. This may be my favorite paint pic yet.

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