Less Successful Microwave “Baking”

This morning I was jonsin’ for some pancakes. Unfortunately, there was work being done in our kitchen, so I figured it would be another morning of eating oatmeal or just waiting for lunch.

Then I remembered my ever-so-successful foray into the world of microwave baking, and was like… pancakes? In the microwave?

I mixed together some flour, butter, sugar, baking powder and powdered milk (ew) and away we went!

Sadly, while egg is somewhat optionable in cakes, I don’t think it’s quite as up for discussion in pancakes.

Basically, it was not so much with the “pancakes” and more just “flat cakelike substance on a plate.”

Which… now that I’m describing it sounds pretty much like a pancake, but let me assure you good readers IT WAS NOT. Since flipping wasn’t involved, there was no golden goodness crust surrounding the cake mixture. Sort of like:

Maybe I should buy more eggs

Next time I should probably just take a picture.


3 responses to “Less Successful Microwave “Baking”

  1. 😦

  2. erin’s paint drawings > photos

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