Bulls are Big

This weekend was Martyr’s Day, the holiday which celebrates those who fought for independence over the past 50 years. Or as all the billboards around Juba creepily extol, “The blood of the martyrs has cemented our national foundation.”

Which is kinda creepy.  And, you know, glorifies war a little. But whatever.

A lot of people had Monday off as a holiday. I worked, however, and when I got home I noticed that my neighbors had a giant bull tied up to the tree in the field about 200m to our side.  Twenty minutes later I looked again and that bull was not so much alive anymore.

I’ve never realized just how much meat can come out of one giant bull. That was a little intense.  I’m pretty sure that the one animal fed most people in my neighborhood, as I kept watching people saunter over, grab a giant slab of meat (about the size of your lower arm), and walk away as everyone sang and danced around them throughout the night.

(Sidenote: here cattle are a sign of wealth, so it’s very rare to actually kill a cow or bull, unless it’s in celebration of something usually.  It’s much more common to slaughter goats for meat.)


2 responses to “Bulls are Big

  1. Vegatarian again?

    • Nah, I like it when you kill animals to feed your community. I dislike how we kill (and raise) animals in the states.

      Plus I didn’t have to actually *watch* the slaughtering, so the before-and-after views fit me just fine.

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