We’re Number 5! We’re Number 5!

Wahoo!  South Sudan broke into the top five!!

“Somalia heads terrorism risk; South Sudan in top 5”

South Sudan got its rating “primarily due to the intensity of terrorist attacks, with an average of 6.59 fatalities per terrorist incident, almost three times that of Somalia at 2.23.”

At least seven rebel militias are fighting the new government’s forces which are trying to establish stability after winning separation as part of the climax to a 2005 peace deal ending decades of civil war with Khartoum.

Oh… wait a second….

(Note: these militia groups operate in states that I am not in, and it is all entwined in a very complicated power and tribal clusterfuck that I don’t have the space, energy, or -in all candor – knowledge of to go in to. But if you’re interested in a solid overview of tribal divisions and a bit about the militias, this (link embedded) is a pretty good article.)


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