Roads Closed

When I say that roads are often difficult to travel in South Sudan, I’m not kidding. One of the many daily updates I get about security and accessibility in the country recently had this map attached:

Pretty much.

What’s especially funny about this is that one of my coworkers recently traveled on one of the “good” roads here, which is passable and fine according to the map, and it took 4 hours to go 60kms.

Which makes me laugh (slash cry) thinking of the roads that are marked in orange and red.


2 responses to “Roads Closed

  1. 4 hours for 60km might be a new SS record, especially if being stuck in a muddy ditch 3 feet deep wasn’t involved 🙂

    • It apparently did revolve around navigating through some tricky “there shouldn’t be a river here” crossings which took analyzing before actually driving through.

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