Power Mafi

We recently switched at my house from generator power to city power.

But it’s Juba.  And rumor has it, the generator for the city power is smaller than the one which runs the White Bull plant in town (this is hearsay, but I’ve heard it from a number of people here, and it seems pretty plausible).

What does that all mean?  Basically that I often come home only to ask, “Power mafi?”

Which means basically “There is no power?”

And yes. Power mafi.


2 responses to “Power Mafi

  1. See, they shouldn’t have switched totally to city power… the way to go is having both — on the grid when it’s working… and back to the generator when it isn’t… at least, that would be logical 🙂

    • Well, we have been doing that, but only really at night (which makes sense, we don’t need power if it’s light out, especially at this time of the year since it’s so cool). And then if city power is out still overnight, they turn the generator off at some point during the night again and on in the morning.

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