Lampposts… For Realz this Time

Remember how before I was all LOLZ JUBA KEEP TRYING ON THE STREETLAMPS?  Earlier this week I was coming home and I realized that there was yet another cherry picker installing more hardware to the lamp posts.  This time it was the solar panels and lights themselves.


Much (much, much, much, much) to my surprise while coming home tonight, I was like, “Huh, there must be a lot of cars on the road.” But when I looked around I realized that the light wasn’t coming from other cars, but from the FULLY. FUNCTIONAL. STREETLAMPS.


Like… when you’re driving you might actually be able to, you know, SEE things on the road and shit.  Like people who like to run across the road in the pitch dark wearing all black.

Technology. It saves lives.

When I realized this and pointed it out (overly excited and mystified) to my friends, we all just sat and stared at the beautiful lights dotting the whole road.

In all honesty, it’s a beautiful sight, although it’s slightly disconcerting.  Feels a bit as if someone’s gone and messed with your equilibrium.  Like when they put lights at the airport, and all the sudden a few days before Independence dignitaries’ planes started taking off around 8 and 9pm.  Which is a huge mindfuck when the only noise you’re used to hearing is the gentle hum of a generator.


And then all the sudden the quiet is disrupted with this caustic noise that makes it sound for a second like you’re being invaded (which is not so funny/hyperbolic in a post-conflict country I suppose)


And then you have to remember what the heck is going on.

Ok, maybe it’s not exactly like that, but it’s disconcerting is all I’m sayin’.  At least all the nighttime checkpoints will be illuminated now (in theory).


One response to “Lampposts… For Realz this Time

  1. Yea lights! (only a month late)

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