No Fuel… Again

Fuel shortages again around Juba.  One of my friends hasn’t had power for the past three days at home or work because they can’t find fuel for their generator and hadn’t stockpiled enough in reserve.

From Radio Miraya:

The petroleum association warns that fuel prices will increase drastically in the coming weeks due to the scarcity of hard currencies.

 Speaking to Radio Miraya, Secretary of the Petroleum Association, Jok Paulino, said a number of fuel companies in South Sudan have already stopped importing fuel due to the dollars high exchange rate.

[…] “Some companies cannot afford to bring fuel into the country so they’ve stopped selling fuel. We seek authorities intervention before the problem escalates.” A litre of fuel normally costs five South Sudanese pounds however nowadays it’s become very scarce.

This is bad news.  Not only is this inconveniencing people in daily life, but a prolonged shortage could mean very devastating things for things like health care:

The fuel shortage Juba is facing is hitting hospitals and clinics that are currently running their activities on fuel reserves, a move that would lead to harsh effects if reserves run dry.

Robert Patrick Napoleon, medical director of Juba Teaching hospital, said although essential sectors like the theatre are currently running on the fuel reserves, a prolonged fuel scarcity would have a regrettable impact.  He said the laboratory is currently un-operational due to the fuel crisis.

There are a lot of rumors going around why this is really happening, and in all likelihood, things will get squared away again (and in the meantime people will go to Uganda to get the fuel and bring it up to sell on the black market).  But if not, this could mean bad things long term.  I don’t really have a witty MS Paint picture for this one…



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