ErinNotInJuba, take 1

Traveling from Juba (a one room airport), to Nairobi (a long 12 gate corridor), to Amsterdam’s Schiphol (basically the IKEA version of monolith airports) was a strange and mysterious bit of reverse culture shock after 6 months in Juba.

In reality it wasn’t crazy or unexpected, however I did find one aspect of my 30 hour traveling experience to be a nice microcosm of the differences between Juba and, well, not Juba.

The morning I left, my friend and I stopped to get rolexes* – basically chapati and eggs made on the street. The stall we stopped at was probably the least hygienic place I’ve been in Juba, aka perhaps not the best thing to eat before a 30 hour travel.

Looks like a recipe for typhoid! Mmmmm.

And then in Amsterdam I ran across a completely different version of rolexes.

Shiny rolexes are WAY LESS EDIBLE and therefore less delicious (blue lines = super shiny bling indication)

Yeah. That was slightly different.

*I’m actually pretty sure that these are called “rolled eggs,” (since, you know… that’s what they are) but somewhere along the lines people (aka khawajas who misheard the phrase) changed this to rolexes, and now there are dueling terms floating in the expat community.  It’s quite confusing.


7 responses to “ErinNotInJuba, take 1

  1. I was told that the term was coined in Uganda and was brought to Juba with the Ugandan guys who were the first to be on the street with some chapati and eggs a la rolexes 🙂

  2. And the Juba airport has more than 1 room 🙂 In addition to several staff offices, there’s the arrival hall, the check in hall and the departure lounge (wouldn’t want anyone thinking it was less than what it is :-D)

    • True. Although the departure hall and the check in hall are technically in one room, they’re just separated by a divider that doesn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. I guess if you’re considering the arrival room, there’s really 2 rooms. However, I also found out that there’s a VIP lounge as well. FANCY.

  3. hehe. yep, VIP lounge as well – though haven’t been in it. But true about departure and check in 🙂

  4. yay i was mentioned! i feel famous now.

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