ErinNotInJuba, compressed

Seeing as I barely touched a computer during my non-Juba stint, I did a pretty poor job of updating this blog.  So terrible in fact that I came home to an email today whose subject line was “Need more MS Paint pics please.

Apparently my paltry three line updates weren’t enough to appease the demanding fans. Well, ask and you shall sometimes correspond with an already planned post.

So what precisely did I do on my sojourn stateside?  I drank real coffee. I ate delicious cheese. I enjoyed some really outstanding beer (Tripel Karmeliet, Goose, Two Brothers, Shipyard, Three Floyds, Bell’s, Great Lakes, Mike’s homebrews? I’m looking at you).

And I did some of this, too:

Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your booootaaay!

I completely missed noticing the DC Earthquake and when I found out (about 10 minutes later) I decided the safest place to be in case of an aftershock was on a paddle boat in the Tidal Basin.

I really really really love Southwest Airlines

Actual conversation between myself and Southwest agent, 9:00pm at BWI.

My New Best Friend Eric: Hey there, what can I do ya for?
ErinInJuba (plus friend): Hey there! Sooo… fun question.  Are there possibly any seats available on this 9:45pm flight to Albany?
MNBFE: You lookin’ to fly standby?
EIJ: Weeeellll… sort of? We have tickets on the flight to Boston, but we’d rather go to Albany?
MNBFE (looks at EIJ spuriously): Errrmmm… well that’s interesting. You have tickets to Boston, but you want to go to Albany?
EIJ: Uh, yeeaahhh. See, eventually tonight we need to end up there, and this would save us about 3 hours of driving.
MNBFE: Okay, well, first question: What time does your  flight leave?
EIJ: 9:45pm.
MNBFE: Oh, I see. Ok, second question: What’s your gate?
EIJ:  B12.
MNBFE: Well, we’re at B2, so subquestion 1.
EIJ: Yes?
MNBFE: How fast of runners are you?
EIJ: Like lightning.
MNBFE: Alrighty then! Great! Have a seat and I’ll see what I can do for you.

<Five minutes later>

MNBFE: Okie dokie ladies, I just talked to our people and they had a valid question which I thought I should ask you:  You do know that we have flights to Albany, right?
EIJ:  Well… yeeesss? It just… you know… when we were booking, it made sense at the time?
MNBFE: Okie doke. Just checking. Well, looks like we’re going to be able to get you on this flight.
MNBFE: Yup. And no extra charges.
EIJ: <Stares incredulously> Umm… You’re kidding me. You just made my entire night!
MNBFE: Excellent!
EIJ: Do you want me to like, give you chocolate or something?
MNBFE: Ha ha ha. No, but thanks. Plus, I think you’ve laced it with something. You’re far too happy right now.
EIJ: DUDE! You just saved me THREE HOURS OF DRIVING. I’ll lace it with whatever you want.


Okay, maybe I didn’t say that last line. But I thought it.

All this was followed soon afterwards by:


I enjoyed frolicking in blustery Hurricane Irene when I actually was in Boston a few days later.  Thankfully no serious damage where I was staying.

Pretty Skyline

You can argue with me about cities across the world, but there’s few sights around the world that make me happier than the Chicago skyline at night.  Especially when it’s from a boat hosting a beer tasting for delicious craft brews.

Open House on the Barbie

One of my family’s businesses throws a client appreciation event annually. I’ve helped plan, organize and/or host the Open House every year I’ve been around. Last year I flew in as a surprise (from notJuba) for 23 hours. This year the party overlapped perfectly with my time in town, and I spent about 16 straight hours on my feet.  And couldn’t have been happier.

I want to caption this "dragonfly" but that's so sappy

And topping off the three weeks, I watched two great friends get married in the wake of a beautiful mountain vista.  Probably the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. I more or less happycried through the entire thing. And then danced the night away next to a waterfall.

All and all, not a bad way to spend three weeks.


4 responses to “ErinNotInJuba, compressed

  1. Love. (“what do you love?” you might ask. everything)

  2. Ditto on the love.

    Ps-you forgot to mention harpoon!!

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