Practically Arctic

I returned to Juba and was immediately greeted by the warm enveloping hug of equatorial humidity.

So color me a bit surprised when the temperature actually dropped a bit to  a lovely non-sweltering temperature over the weekend.  Of course, when I say “dropped” I mean that due to some pretty heavy rains and cloud cover, it got below 75*F (probably around 70*F/21*C).

Today my coworker came back from a few days in the field in Eastern Equatoria to inform me that: “Oh, it was SO cold there I had to sleep with a sheet.”

Be that frigid temperature as it may, I still maintain that watching people walk around in knee length down winter coats in 70* weather is a bit excessive.

I really think that might be more ridiculous than when I lived in AK and we would all walk around in shorts and tank tops in 60* weather as long as the sun was out.

Maybe this can be my personal “You know you’ve been in Juba too long when you…” guideline.


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