Maybe Not So Much

Growing up we weren’t allowed to have toy guns.  I specifically remember being devastated when in second grade I received a party favor that contained a baseball-sized mini squirt gun, only to come home and have my mom confiscate it from me.  And although I’ve blocked it out of my memory, I’m pretty sure there was some fallout incident involving tears or some sort of hissy fit.

Decades later, the pseudo-adult I’ve become actually appreciates the parenting technique, particularly having lived and worked several places where I deal with the effects of gun violence,  and/or see people walk around with AK-47s on a daily basis.

So today while I was walking around one of the khawaja stores in town, I noticed that the children’s toys section contained not one, but several choices of plastic toy guns.  An interesting choice of merchandise in a post-conflict country.

Parents’ daughter that I am, I had an urge to say “I’m sorry, South Sudan, you can’t have these right now, but you can choose to have as many of these toy guns as you want when you’re an adult.”

A wee bit patronizing, no?

South Sudan, Oyee!

Also ironic as this week has been a ramp up of a huge disarmament campaign throughout several states in South Sudan.

Wonder if they confiscated any plastic toy guns.


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