No, Not This Either.

In light of my most recent post, this story from Somalia is a bit ironic.  And by “ironic” I mean “rather horrifying from a social, political and anthropological POV.”

“Over the weekend, a Somali radio station run by the Shabab… held an awards ceremony to honor children who were experts at Shabab trivia and at reciting the Koran.

The first- and second-place winners won AK-47 assault rifles, some money and Islamic books. The third-place winner was given two hand grenades. The contestants were 10 to 17 years old.”

Ermmm… remember what I said about post-conflict countries and plastic guns?  Well, yeah, I think that goes quadruple, or a millionple more for real guns.

Maybe I we should send them one of those self help books. Except that this will be the Somalia version, so it’ll run more like:

Drawing a football (soccer ball) was too complicated, but pretend that's really what it is.

That’s a little different message than “That salad has a shitton of calories in the dressing so eat this one from Wendy’s instead” but I still think it’s a valid one.


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