Less Like a Fail, More Like Every Day Life

I stumbled across this picture on failblog today and couldn’t help but laugh:

Sounds about right

On Failblog, the picture is under the heading, “Only if its not feeling lazy.”

I laugh only because – lucky as I am to live in South Sudan and have not only running water, but also a water heater – my water heater only works on days when it feels like it.

I can never predict when precisely it will work. Today I had 2 whole minutes of boiling hot water (although I suppose that could be attributed to the scalding outside temperature and humidity) before it went out, and that was my first foray back into warm showers since returning.

At first I thought I just didn’t know how to properly use the water heater (when I lived in the container I spent a week not realizing that my water heater could have worked if I’d turned the proper switch on… only to turn it on and discover it still didn’t work), but as I am granted hot water every 8th or 9th shower, doing absolutely nothing different each time, I’ve become convinced that it’s more that my water heater simply doesn’t feel like working most days.

Lazy git.


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