Non-Juba, But Awesome News

And for anyone who didn’t see this making the rounds yesterday, this might be the greatest news I’ve learned since that time scientists encouraged me to drink wine:

“Caffeinated Women May Be Fighting Depression With Every Cup”

Totally worthy of a repost from an old entry

My only question is whether or not it works the same for brewed coffee as it does for instant.

If not, this could totally be my excuse for finally investing in a french press.

“Oh, you spend money on the fancy coffee at the khawaja store instead of just getting the Nescafe?”
“Well, you know, gotta stave off that depression…”


6 responses to “Non-Juba, But Awesome News

  1. Didn’t you bring a french press back from Chicago?

    • Negatory. I was supposed to bring someone’s extra from some place (DC?) but got distracted by shiny things. Could never guess how that happe- OOOH look , a penny!

  2. Three words: Starbucks. Via. Packets.

    Your life will change forever.

    You just need someone back in AmericaLand to mail you a care package full of them. They even make flavored ones 😀

    • Aren’t they really just the same as instant nescafe-type things? I’ve heard they’re decent, but I just can’t believe it.

      I’m going to invest in a french press I think. I’ve wanted one of those little tiny travel ones (which I know I can fit in my bag to take to the field) for a while, so I think it’ll be my next splurge purchase for when I’m in the AmericaLand.

  3. Starbucks Via isn’t exactly gourmet, nor is it exactly Starbucks – it does, however, manage to mysteriously approximate something that tastes like coffee. Nescafe (to) me is a slightly darker version of the gunk in the bottom of the rain catchment tank after no one has cleaned the gutters in a good long while.

    A french press is, of course, the best option. It’s a shame they don’t have Nakumatt in Juba (I’m guessing?) because I’ve seen a variety of reasonably-priced ones there in varying sizes and qualities. Nothing compared to what you could get at someplace fancy like Dean and Deluca (or even Target) in America, though. Probably a wise investment.

    • HA. That’s a pretty apt description of nescafe. I can usually get it free at work (and the stingy side of me often overrules the coffee snob part), which is part of the reason I feel overindulgent bringing a french press here, but I think it’s a good investment.
      No Nakumatt here, sadly. I thought I saw one at one of the supermarkets but I’ve looked several times since I’ve been back and can’t find any here. I’ll probably hold out until next time I’m someplace abroad for long enough to do proper shopping and grab one.

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