Not a Real Update

Sorry, this isn’t a real update (I don’t even think I have a spare MS Paint pic to throw on the bottom of this one lies all lies), but if anyone is interested in a Sam Childers update from Brett Keller (who posted the original story which received a ton of attention), there’s this story from last week on Foreign Policy’s website, and I recommend giving it a read.

Obviously I’m biased towards one end of this debate, however Brett’s article is very well written and argued. Nicely done.

So if you want a real update or intelligent input on the issue you should really just leave here and go read Brett’s article.  Oh, and this one from Christianity Today.

Wait… How did this non-real update turn out to be so long? It’s still not even a real entry but it just keeps getting longer.  CONFUSED.

I don't even remember drawing this picture

Oh, apparently I do have a completely random Paint picture in my archive that I can post at the end of this. Strange.


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