It’s Like The Wizard of Oz, Except Opposites

I’m headed to the field for a week, and for the first time I’m slightly apprehensive. No, not due to insecurity or physical danger, but because every time I tell someone my destination (a small town in Northern Bahr el Ghazal) I get the reaction:

“Oh! Wow. Watch out for scorpions.”

Or sometimes it’s snakes. And once it was lions.

Lions and scorpions and snakes, oh my.

I’ve only ever seen a scorpion twice in my life – once while I was working in Utah (where before I arrived the people assured me that they’d not seen a scorpion in 13 years. I walked in to my house the first night and BAM scorpion in the kitchen. I got in 30 seconds what they’d missed for 13 years), and once in a different country in Africa.

Mostly my impression of them is this:

Nom nom nom humans nom

Which means that I anticipate spending much of the next week attempting to be very nonchalant and professional, but realistically more like this:


We shall see… We shall see.

Internet access is anyone’s guess. I should be back in Juba on Friday. Insha’allah, of course.


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