I’ll do a proper update when I return to Juba on Friday hopefully, as internet/generator is spotty and we’re spending most of our days out in the field.

I will, however, inform the loyal readers of this blog that my security briefing when I arrived in our small village in Northern Bahr el Ghazal consisted of the following conversation:

“Here, our dangers you have to be aware of are scorpions and snakes. Don’t worry about the scorpions so much. If you see a snake, pick up a stick and beat it.”
“What if I just yell for someone to come help?”
“No. Don’t do that because then the snake will just run away.”
“But… that’s what I want it to do.”
“No. Stick.”

Oh. Ok.

Thankfully no need for sticks yet, although I have a sneaking suspicion one might have been in my tukul ceiling last night.


2 responses to “NBG

  1. Sounds a lot like the advice my friend received when she started a public health gig in a village in Nyanza province, Kenya. Her house was full of massive rats that liked to knock things over and generally raise hell in the middle of the night. After a few days, she mentioned this to a coworker, who told her: “Sister, do not be afraid! The rats will not harm you. If you see one, just pick up a sharp stick, and stab it some few times.”

    Words to live by.

    • Based on my almost completely-irrational-but-nearly-paralyzing fear of rodents, I can say that while the rats may not harm you, they will cause unfortunate health consequences when I don’t sleep at night.

      Maybe I need to take some sort of stick wielding lesson in order to arm myself against rats, snakes, and scorpions. You think there’s a TOT for that?

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