Not in Wau

Made it back to Juba by the skin of our chinny chin chins today. Our flight scheduled from Aweil to Wau went off fine (we even took off 10 minutes early). When we landed around 9am our next flight was scheduled for 1pm.

Having 4 hours, and not inclined to sit around the airstrip (which does at least have a restaurant), my coworker suggested we go into town.  I wasn’t really interested, but we called a few friends and coworkers to see if anyone was around.

Turned out, no one was available, and since my enthusiasm for carting our bags all over was low, we decided against taking a rickshaw into town, and instead hung out at the airport restaurant.

Good thing, since they decided to cancel the 2nd Juba flight of the day at 1pm and just send everyone one flight at 11am flight instead.

Good news: Leaving 2 hours early meant we made it back to Juba about 3 minutes before it started raining.

Bad news: All the people on the 2nd flight who went into town missed their flight to Juba.

Wau airport, you're climbing my list of places I hate (also "airport" is generous, although there is a departure lounge some times)

Wow, Wau. Wow.
(For those not in Juba, that last line is pretty darn punny. And unoriginal.)


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