Shoe Polish + Disease. Correlation, Not Causation

Rough week. Woke up on Saturday feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. I tried to attribute that to one-too-many glasses of really terrible sangria the night before (PSA which probably should have been obvious to me:  Think twice before buying “wine” from a shack without closely inspecting the bottle. Hibiscus wine from Uganda?  A little bit further from the “Elegant wine with rich floral aromas and a fruity aftertaste” end of the spectrum, and closer to the “Tastes like shoe polish” side.

Like… a lot closer.)

Mmmm burning flavored

So while I was unsurprised that after the shoe polish imbibing I woke up a bit under the weather on Saturday, when it persisted through Sunday I became suspicious at my body’s inability to recover. By Monday my head was full of cottonballs and my nose was one big faucet and I’d admitted immune system defeat.

Basically I’d turned from this:


To this:


Plus with some stabby pains behind my eye I didn’t draw.

I did have a brief fear that it was malaria, since there were about 5,000 cases diagnosed in NBG last week alone, but as I don’t have a fever (and coupled with the fact that this cold thing has been going around) I mentally squashed that bit of hypochondria.

In conclusion: The sangria made the wine slightly more drinkable. Very slightly.

And a very happy birthday to my dad across the pond!


One response to “Shoe Polish + Disease. Correlation, Not Causation

  1. Hope you are feeling better

    Dad spent his birthday flying across the pond! Oh Joy!

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