In which Erin Hopes She Can Return to the Country

So, decided to accidentally play a fun game of “Can Erin Get Back into the Country?”

South Sudan, in all it’s glorious inconsistency, and, well… South Sudanness,  keeps changing the visa requirements.  When first arriving in Juba, the requirement was to get a 3 month travel permit.  No problems getting it then (except that I had to pick it up in Nairobi and Delta almost didn’t let me on the plane in the USA because I didn’t sufficiently explain why there was no Sudan visa. But that’s a different story.  Uh, which I pretty much just told the whole of. ANYWAYS.), nor the subsequent two.

Since independence however, requirements have changed. A lot. And by “a lot” I mean “Apparently based on whatever person is sitting in the immigration office that day feels like.”

First they allowed 6 month multiple entry. Then 3 month multiple entry. Then 3 month single entry. Then 1 month multiple entry. And now? One month single entry.

And when my last travel permit ran out earlier this week, this became a wee bit of an issue as neither myself nor my logistics guy here was able to sweet talk the guy at the desk that day to give me a multiple entry visa.

Which, again, is also only a problem since i just got on a plane and flew three across 3 continents again.

And as requirements keep changing, I’m not 100% positive they’ll let me on the plane in Nairobi when I’m going back to Juba next weekend unless I can convnce the nce KQ people that I can just get the vsa when I’m at the Juba arport (which I’m not sure I can, since you used to not be able to back when South Sudan wasn’t, you know, a country).

This should be interesting.

Perhaps next week this blog can be changed to “ErinLostinTransit.”

Wouldn’t that be fun?

In the meantime, time to get back on another plane.  Right after I stop at the airport bar for a Bloody Mary. .


3 responses to “In which Erin Hopes She Can Return to the Country

  1. Maybe you’ll end up like Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”! Wouldn’t that be fun?!? 🙂

  2. Maybe 2 bloody marys will help clarify…

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