In Which a Trip to Visit the Only Rodent Erin Tolerates Spurs a Poor Choice

Spent this past week once again playing “ErinNotinJuba” (hence the lack of posts). Although this came shortly after my last trip out of South Sudan, keep in mind that the first six months i didn’t leave the country once.

Plus it was time for my family reunion, which – for very many reasons – i was unable to miss. So i spent 36 hours flying one way to visit the only rodent i can stand, who happens to live in Central Florida.

Yo ho, Yo ho, a Pirates Life for Me

After a funfilled week (including a rainy day spent trying on various humorous hats, shirts and ridiculous garb and taking pictures of such (What? What do YOU do on rainy vacation days?), it was time to make the 3 day journey back.

Unfortunately, my week sojourn inspired a truly poor choice on my behalf: Watching Toy Story 3 for the first time on my 11 hr JFK-Dubai flight.


And by “crying” i mean “silently sobbing”

Seriously though, have you ever been “that girl/guy” crying on the plane? When other people can’t see or hear why you’re so upset, it’s a little hard to explain the sniveling.

Thankfully it was during the overnight portion of the journey.

(And yes, i’m way behind the times.)

Also, good idea to dehydrate myself on long plane rides like that.


6 responses to “In Which a Trip to Visit the Only Rodent Erin Tolerates Spurs a Poor Choice

  1. Toot says she can’t even talk about Toy Story 3 without crying…

  2. remember how toy story was james’ favorite movie? and then how I saw toy story 3 (about andy going to college) right before James left for college??? Yeah…you can guess how well that turned out for me

  3. I love Pixar, but I need them to stop making movies that make me cry. Toy Story 3 (couldn’t make it through 5 minutes), Up!, Wall-E, Monsters Inc., etc, etc, etc.

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