Insulting Little Kids

Yesterday I asked my coworker to give me something to shout back to all the kids who yell “Khawaja! Khawaja! Khawaja!” at me.

He told me that I should just tease them. I said sure, by calling back to them something like “Little short kid!” or something, right?

He told me to tell them “Abusala!”*

When I asked what it meant in Juba Arabic, he informed me that it’s the phrase for “You are bald!”

Despite my skeptical look he assured me that the kids would find it very amusing.

So this morning I tried it out on the kids who live down the road from me.  Uproarious laughter.

Yeah… Apparently I’m very funny.  Because I insult little children.

And now the ~30 words/phrases of Juba Arabic that I know include the phrases for “dog,” “spark plug,” and “baldy.” All very useful and logical.


*I have no idea if that’s how it’s really spelled, but that’s how it sounds to me.


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