Wow, Wau.

Same ol’ tired joke. Back from Wau, where I spent an underwhelming week. We stayed at a hotel who told us when we checked in that there was breakfast included in the nightly fee.  Except we showed up the next morning and when we asked what there was for breakfast, the waitress’ only reply was “mafi” (there is none).

I tried to ask the receptionist guy why we’d been told there was breakfast if only tea was included. He said “That man yesterday who told you that, he is a liar.”

We tried to point out that he was standing right next to his supervisor (the liar) and could have said something.  All that was reinforced was “Yes, that man is a liar.”

Yeah. Back atcha.

I was slightly more amused though when I asked for soap and they dropped off a bar later that night, with the same receptionist handing it to me and saying, “Look she is like you!”


It’s like looking into a mirror.

(I fully admit recognize the ridiculousness that so much of the soap here features white people.)

The night before we left, I inquired with the same man why the hotel is named Tiger, when there are no tigers in Africa.  He first tried to convince me that there are many tigers in Africa, I am just not looking hard enough, and then – once I assured him that tigers are only in Asia, but there are plenty of lions, leopards, and cheetahs across the continent – he then parried with “Well, tigers are so colorful and pretty. Lots of green and red!”

I countered that just because the tiger logo on the wall is painted with green and red below the tiger doesn’t mean in actuality tigers have any of those colors.

It's really not I promise

He found this difficult to believe (yet accurately describe them as different from leopards because they are yellow with black stripes, not spots), but eventually relented that he didn’t know why tigers were being called upon as the establishment’s mascot.


But overall, Wau = not so Wow.


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