He Heals Court Cases

This past week I found a flyer while walking to pick up a rolex for lunch. I picked it up and remembered just how much I love South Sudan.

Diadetes and Diarrhea

In case you cant read that (I badly fixed the colors since it’s covered in dirt and hard to read on the picture I took), the text is as follows:

“Traditional Doctor.  Dr. Ogoba From Tanzania.

He is here to pay attention, heal treat and solve whoever has problems using typical African and Arabic herbs.  He has been in research for the last four (4) years in South Africa, Arabia, and many other countries. He can also tell all your problems before you say anything to him. Consultation: 30 Pounds.

He treats (heals) over seventy five (75) disease problems; he can treat or solve:

  1. Man Power
  2. Asthma
  3. Bad Luck
  4. Bewitched People
  5. Cancer
  6. Court Cases
  7. Diadetes
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Insanity
  10. Pressure
  11. Women without Menstruation
  12. Promotion at work
  13. Lack of body strength
  14. Men’s failure to erect
  15. Headache
  16. Tuberculosis
  17. Vomiting all the time
  18. Women who can not produce
  19. Stomach problems/pain
  20. Swollen body
  21. Syphilis
  22. Promotion
  23. To bring back lost lovers
  24. Gonorrhea/drop
  25. Back pains
  26. Lack of body strength
  27. Prevention of thieves from attacking homes, etc.

This is the time to check on your Doctor for Modern Treatment.”

There is so much fantastic in there I just can’t really begin to expound on all the ways this piece of paper made my day.   I particularly enjoyed learning that Court Cases and To bring back lost lovers are “disease problems.”  Good to know.  And apparently he doubly treats lack of body strength since it’s listed twice. Must be his specialty.

Traditional healers such as Dr. Ogoba aren’t uncommon here (in fact if you walk around the Tong Ping area in Juba you’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least 3 or 4 signs espousing the exact claims as this here), however this advertisement made me particularly gleeful.

Because I found it on the ground… directly outside of the Ministry of Health.

Juxtaposition Win.


3 responses to “He Heals Court Cases

  1. I’ve been told by several people that all the best traditional healers come from Tanzania. It’s the same here, too. No idea why. #11 is pretty special – in pre-Roe v. Wade America, “curing blocked or absent menstruation” used to be the code language doctors used to advertise abortion services. Surely that’s not what he’s … or maybe …?

    At least, when he’s not busy curing court cases. Mine have been looking a little phlegmy lately.

    • As long as your court cases aren’t green I think ou’re probably safe.

      According to several friends from TZ, they confirm your statement. Although I know some sangomas in South Africa who would dispute that claim.

      I actually participated in a qualitative research study looking at the interaction between Western medicine and traditional healers in South Africa. It was fascinating, particularly as most stated a difference between diseases they could treat (diseases of the spirit) and those they couldn’t (diseases of the blood, like TB and AIDS).

      But I never asked whether or not court cases fell under their jurisdiction. My bad.

  2. I’m delighted to know that apparently thieves attacking homes, etc. is a disease and can be prevented!

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