Work Shmerk

I don’t talk about work much here, but I thought readers might enjoy one of my more frustrating moments of late.  I love [most of] my coworkers.  They’re the ones who teach me how to say “abulsala” and introduce me to foods like regila and dodo and share with me some of their incredible stories from living in and out of South Sudan.

But they’re also the ones responsible for conversations such as this one (which is nearly verbatim, I promise you):

Staff mtg, 11am
EIJ: We dont have time in this meeting to discuss this, but regarding Program X: if we want to participate we need to have an answer by Friday. And we need to submit an application as a group and not as individuals – it’s a team program. And as a team we need to come up with one data challenge. Is this something we can coordinate on email, or do we need to do it in person as a group?
Everyone: Email.
EIJ: Ok, that’s fine. I will agree to coordinate this, however, then I need you to all agree that when I send out this email, YOU. WILL. READ. AND. RESPOND. TO. IT.  By tomorrow.
Everyone: Obvs.
EIJ to 2 coworkers:  Neither of you have responded to my email about Program X. Are you interested in doing this program?
2 coworkers: What email?
EIJ:  The one I sent at 11:43am
2CWs: I don’t think I got it. Sometimes my emails dont come in until later.
EIJ: It was a 24kb email. I can see you were on the email. You got it.
2CWs: Oh, yeah, here it is. Oh, I didnt read it.
EIJ:  Why not?
2CWs: Sometimes there’s just a lot of text in emails. (<< actual words used)
EIJ: Ummm. Ok. But I kept it short. And highlighted the parts you needed to fill out. Which was 4 things including your name, cell, and email, and then an answer to one question about identifying one thing you see as a data challenge.
2CWs: Oh. Wait… so what’s our challenge?
<EIJ’s head literally explodes>
EIJ: That’s what we have to figure out. That’s what we’re coordinating in the email. Which is what the email that you JUST READ said. And is EXACTLY what we discussed this morning.
2CWs: Oh, well, if this is a group thing, maybe we should all discuss this together.
EIJ handled the situation like any calm and rational person would.
By freaking the shit out.
<the end> 


Sigh. They really are lovely friends and coworkers (each with multiple degrees from universities around the world).  They’re just not on the top of my list today.

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