My sister teaches 6th grade science. Apparently her kids ask about me a lot since she mentions how I live in Africa, and that’s pretty cool for 12 year olds from Chicago, IL (and she occasionally shows them some of my photos). Today I visited her classroom in order to play Show and Tell with both myself and the new electric car that one of my family members recently acquired.

However, I was somewhat amused when, instead of being asked about lions and zebras as I expected, the conversation went as follows:

‎”Okay class, Erin is here to visit your 6th grade class. She lives in Juba in Africa. Does anyone have any questions for her?”

“If you live in Africa, how come you’re not tan?”

Touché, 12 year old, touché.


3 responses to “Touché.

  1. They didn’t ask you about tigers??

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