Why Even Bother Writing a Post…

…When Matt in Juba has written one for me?

The latest Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like is up, and it’s appropriately titled “Pool Day Sundays.”

It couldn’t be more dead on if it tried.

My first foray into weekend pool days in Juba consisted of chilling at a (then) brand new pool a bit out of town (next to the one where the Russians go and drink disturbingly unhealthy amounts of vodka).  Apparently my friends had (thankfully) convinced the owner that they should not use the slushy machine to make wine slushies, and so we spent the day being handed round after round of complimentary (as they were still ‘testing things out’) mango tequila slushies.

If you think that sounds, uh, drinkable, let me just spoil that illusion for you and go ahead to say: No.

Except this picture should also include the someone eating chips and a burger that took 2 hours to get from the kitchen

2 responses to “Why Even Bother Writing a Post…

  1. In Rumbek we did mango vodka slushies (though added the vodka to the slush after it was made, not as part of the process) and they were really really good :). We called them the XXX special (XXX in place of the name of the organization to protect the innocent) since I worked for XXX and they were my favorite drink at Afex.

    • See, that sounds delicious. And i’ve partaken in many another slushy creations here in Juba at other places, however tequila is not the liquor to add. And particularly not in the proportions he was adding. Vodka? Good. Rum? Good. Gin? Surprisingly not bad if you mix it right.

      But tequila? No. Not unless you have someone who knows how to make frozen margaritas.

      I should probably also point out that the owner/guy making the drinks doesn’t drink alcohol…

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