Adventures in Running

I promise I do more than run here, however strange things just always seem to befall me when out jaunting.

First off, I must admit that I was a running fool whilst stateside for a month. However, I got back and realized there’s quite a difference between running in 35-40*F weather and 35-40*C weather.  And dust. Ouch.

Adventure the first occurred over the weekend as I was running. A woman started running behind me (occasionally kids and/or drunk adults will run with me for a short distance because they think it’s funny (I mean, what is this crazy khawaja doing running anyways?)).  After about 10 seconds I hear a smash and turn to see her collapsed on the ground and not moving.

I rushed back to try and help her to find her semi-coherent (between the fall and, uh, well, being drunk), and gushing blood from her nose.  I got out my water bottle to help clean off the blood. A crowd started to form (because again, what is this khawaja doing with this drunk woman anyways?), and one guy who spoke some English told me to leave because, “She is drunk. Just wants money. You now can go.”  I said thank you and that’s lovely and I had no money, however I would like to help wash off the blood.

After finishing washing her up, I turned to leave when I noticed one of the many little kids in the crowd was holding a discarded syringe (sans-needle at least). Sigh. Hurray for proper medical waste disposal? Oh, wait…

Adventure the second was slightly less traumatic and merely involved running along one of the main roads, only to see a brown smear dart across the road and hop directly in front of me.

Brown smears are hard to draw in Paint

Assuming that it was a dog (which normally dart out of the way when I run), I didn’t alter my next few steps… only to realize with about 6 inches to spare that the brown smear was not in fact a dog, but a cheeky little monkey.

I think his exact thought process about now is something akin to, "ACCKKK!!!"

At least the monkey wasn’t holding a syringe.

That might have been too much adventure.


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