Oh. Honey Comes From *Bees*.

Mvolo is known for its honey.  Every time we travel to Western Equatoria, people ask us to bring back honey (and mangoes if they’re in season).

So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Mvolo, the “honey factory” of South Sudan, is also awash in bees.

Yet color me surprised to find our shower water to be buzzing with an entire swarm of bees. They flock to the top like a blanket of bee fur (do bees even have fur? I have no clue. All I know is they have delicious honey).

Bees, bees, so many bees

Apparently it’s worse now that we’re back into full-fledged dry season.

But other than that, Mvolo is lovely.  Slightly cooler than Juba. By which I mean 38*C (100*F) instead of 42*C (106*F) Although I would have enjoyed the 6 hour drive slightly more if the a/c in the car had been working. I’m a little dusty now.



2 responses to “Oh. Honey Comes From *Bees*.

  1. I don’t know that they really have fur but they always look furry – what I can’t understand is why they would swarm on top of water?? ( we never see them around water here)

    • I asked my colleagues and they just said “bees need water.” Since that wasn’t very helpful, I googled earlier today and wikipedia informed me that: “When the hive is in danger of overheating, these bees will obtain water, usually from within a short distance from the hive and bring it back to spread on the backs of fanning bees. The worker bee has a crop separate from the nectar crop for this purpose.”

      So there’s that…

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