Wat Wat Revisited

It’s been a long, exhausting week, and just to top everything off, the universe thought it would be funny for me to wake up at 3am last night to find that not only was it 490390 degrees in my room (thank you “generator had fire” and lack of ventilation), there was also a bat flopping around on my floor.

Yes a bat.

I guess that’s what I get for sleeping with my window open, but still. Really?

(Sidenote, see: small fear of rabies and resulting scapegoating of bats. Thankfully, fear not anywhere near rodent phobia levels.)

It skittered around for about a half an hour (I think it may have hit my fan and been injured or something because it wouldn’t really fly. Either that or it was just the laziest effing bat in the world) before finally moseying out of my room at which point I promptly slammed shut the door (previously kept open for cross-ventilation purposes due to aforenoted offensive heat index) and turned my room into even more of a sauna.

And throughout this entire melodramatic incident in which I was reminded yet again that I’ve never had a rabies shot, all I could think was “Hey, I know the Arabic word for bat.  That does not help me at all.”


2 responses to “Wat Wat Revisited

  1. Erin, you only get rabies shots after you been potentially exposed (read bitten here)…
    Sorry about the heat and the bat – can’t they fix or replace the generator had fire?

  2. Actually, if you are in a high risk profession OR somewhere where immediate treatment for a bite might be problematic you should have the vaccine (which only reduces the number of treatment shots and gives you more time before you have to get treatment)… I think the effective timeframe is 5 years between boosters… that being said I didn’t get a new booster before I returned to SS and really should have.

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