Dust Storm in Tonj

Whoa.  Everything further away than about 20 feet sort of looks like this right now:

That might be a tree... or a person.

So there’s that.

Here until Thursday. Hoping we will be able to fly out (from Rumbek) then, assuming the dust has lifted.

UPDATED: Friend in Rumbek confirms dust storm is the same there as well. If it lasts all week, the planes won’t be able to fly in/out, because as she says, “Nobody here can land on an airstrip that blends in with the rest of the town and the dust.”
(It’s also because it chokes the engine and some such blah blah avian engineering blah)


6 responses to “Dust Storm in Tonj

  1. wooooo infamy!

  2. Don’t worry – I lived in Rumbek for 2 years and we never had a dust storm bad enough to last for days and stop flights in/out for more than a couple of hours… though if it’s still going on that is out of my experience 🙂

    • WFP canceled all flights for one day, but the next day it was fine. Was a little iffy this morning I though, but turned out it was just clouds (what are those? so confused) and not dust.

  3. Are you stuck in Tonj?

  4. Nope. Spent the night in Rumbek last night and got back to Juba no problem this morning. AND we got out before they closed the roads/tarmac to get Kiir on the plane for his visit to Lamu (see: oil pipeline). Double win!

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