Ants Come Marching

It’s been happening for a few months now, but now I feel like it’s safe to assume the worst at this point.  Yes, yes the rumors are true.

Ants are invading Juba.

Nom nom nom

They’re swarming everything. Everywhere.


THOSE CRACKERS WERE MINE, ANTS.  And you DON’T belong in my bed/coffee cup/sink/clean clothes.

I don’t remember them being this bad last dry season. But then again I lived in a container then.

And they bite. And the bites hurt.

Evil painful biter

WTF ants. Really.

Send help.

Or Raid.



8 responses to “Ants Come Marching

  1. In Florida, a lot of people store all of their food in their fridge, oven or microwave to prevent ants and other bugs from getting to it… Just a thought!

  2. I brought lots and lots of plastic storage containers… but they’re all still in my boxes… so I’ve got bags of stuff in the kitchen that I’m sure the ants will find.

    The ants like the heat (as if it’s not hot enough outside) of the water cooler… so they swarm that. got into it somehow for a while so that every time you drew down water you got a cup of drowned ants as well.

  3. OMG THE ANTS AT MY HOUSE ARE SO BAD I’VE STARTED POURING WATER THROUGH A CHAI STRAINER BEFORE I DRINK IT BECAUSE THEY GET INTO MY JERRYCANS. Sorry. Just had to get that out. But seriously, UGH. Pole sana! Hopefully the rains will come soon for both of us, and they’ll skeedaddle …

    • Oh no, ick!! It’s been threatening to rain here for about a week… I keep staring longingly at the sky…

      • MAGIC CURE:

        Google told me this, and I didn’t buy it, but I was willing to try anything. I drew a chalk line through an ant trail in my bedroom and next thing I know there are THOUSANDS running around on either side, unable to cross, looking totally confused. I hosed them down with DoomSpray and furiously drew thick chalk lines all around my windows and doors (my neighbors probably think it’s some crazy witchdoctor thing by now, but whatever.) That was during my lunch hour. Now, back at home … AND THERE ARE NO ANTS.

        Or rather, there are maybe three or four wandering aimlessly around. But not the usual dozens-and-dozens all around my dirty dishes from this morning and crawling into my bed.

        Magic. Hope it lasts.

      • No. WAY. That is BANANAS.

        Now I just have to figure out where I get chalk in Juba!

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