There’s More Than One Way…

… to carry a goat across town? Or at least my walk home today brought me a scene that thought so.

Definitely what that was meant for

Good thing there’s so much construction in Juba that they can spare some Caterpillar tractors to carry a goat home.


4 responses to “There’s More Than One Way…

  1. What else would they use it for?!

  2. That. Is. Amazing.

    Here, they just strap them to the handlebars of a pikipiki (erm, motorbike taxi? Do you call them something different there?)

    Although the best one ever was when I saw a piki loaded thus: Driver. Then a dude. THEN A TIED-UP COW. Then a second dude.

    Per my colleague, “Those two guys are probably just friends of the driver he paid to help him carry the cow.”

  3. Hee hee – this is hilarious

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