South Sudan and Fuel. Again

Sudan Tribune brings us good tidings  of great joy:

“Juba could face blackout in days”

“The minister also revealed that South Sudan’s finance ministry had not been paying fuel suppliers since December 2011.”

Yup.  Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

<crickets, crickets>

But my favorite part of this is the implication that hospitals have power normally. That’s a cute theory.

To quote Roving Bandit:

The whole carry-on-as-if-there-was-no-oil-shutdown-thing felt a bit like the cartoon Wile E. Coyote going over the edge of a cliff but not quite realising it or starting to fall yet.

What do you think… if it happens, is this the start of the fall?  Pssshhh… unlikely.  Denial. Not just a river through Juba… it’s also the new pink.

So hot right now.

Juba gravity lessons


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