Must… Not… Mock… Disarmament…

Must… restrain… self….

Text exchange between myself and a friend in Jonglei as she waited for treatment at a clinic:

F: “I’m not being treated yet because there is a gunshot patient before me.”
E: “Ugh, how *rude.*”
F: “Right. Damn cattle raiders.”
E: “So I take it this means the disarmament in Jonglei is going splendidly?”
F: “Super effective.”
E: “Great, I’ll let the ministries here in Juba know.”

About twenty minutes later, someone emailed me the following story:

SPLA warns soldiers about drinking alcohol during disarmament

Must… not… mock…



2 responses to “Must… Not… Mock… Disarmament…

  1. How rude in deed hahahahahahaha Sorry couldn’t help it. Right! What did I wanna ask.. ah yes…. Do you like have a source for your physiographic map?

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