This Will For Sure Happen

Story from Radio Miraya today discussed a new power plant in the works in Eastern Equatoria.  The article stated the investment of $90m by the Norway government and then pronounced:

“[The Minister for Electricity and Dams] is asking the Ministry of Finance for $30m more for the project.”

Yes. That will definitely happen now that the austerity budget has been officially introduced. Oh and there was that little quote from Riek Machar after shutting down oil production about

“For a period of 30 months we will definitely freeze our activities on development, but we’ll provide basic services.”

And last week’s pronouncement about impending and ongoing fuel shortages expected.

So excuse me, Ministry of Electricity and Dams (which I totally just spelled “damns” originally… Freudian slip?), if, after sitting in meeting after meeting lately discussing just what is being cut from various budgets, and just how bare bones everyone can possibly try to feasibly run their ministries/projects/etc, I don’t hold my breath in anxious anticipation of this assurance:

“[The] ministry will supply hospitals and key government institutions with electricity next week.”

Uh huh. Sure. You let me know how that goes.

This post is too negative. Needs more microsoft paint pictures.

Here you go:

Phew, what a cold snap

You know you’ve been in Juba too long when you look at the forecast and say, “Wow, 37*C (98.6*F)! Things are getting cooler!”

So with that I think I’ll take myself out of the country for a wee holiday.  Peace out, Juba.

"And it's hard to dance, with a devil on your back. So shake him off." -Florence and the Machine


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