Shit’s Gettin’ Real

Who started the aggression when and how are just details, but the reality is that shit’s getting real here.

SPLA is refusing to withdraw from Heglig, a town in the north (which is apparently “disputed” territory… no comment), despite calls from the UN to do just that. And the north is responding by sending aerial bombardments into Unity State.

And then yesterday Sudan declared that it was now in a “state of war” with South Sudan.

Salva Kiir responded by himself declaring:

President Kiir urged MPs to sensitize the people in their constituencies to by ready to defend the nation from any aggression from Sudan.

He sent MPs into a one-month recess.

Apparently that whole disarmament thing in Jonglei that just finished?  Yeah… we’re over that.  Bring on the guns!

All this boils down to: Not good.

And yes, I’m in no real danger here in Juba. We’re very far from any fighting, and I wouldn’t be sent anywhere close to it.

In happier news, my coworker’s ringtone just went off – naturally at  surround sound volume – in the middle of this meeting we’re having.  CAN’T READ MY CAN’T READ MY NO YOU CAN’T READ MY POKER FACE.

And life goes on…

...She's got to love nobody...


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