No, No, This Not That, Please

Dear news:

No, no, no…. A week ago my life was this:

More of this please

And this week it’s this:

Less of this please

Stop that.

Xoxo, Erin

I don’t really know what I’m allowed to post about, and what’s confidential information and not, but things are not looking great here. For me, life is basically normal here in Juba (despite the rumored Antonov above, which SAF denies, but the SPLA is claiming).

But overall… Neither side is backing down, South Sudan refuses to pull out from Heglig and is repelling attacks, South Sudanese protested against the UN, Warrap State is mobilizing its youth (sigh), and it looks like along with increased bombing of Unity State and some Upper Nile conflicts, the north may be targeting bridges in the northern states of South Sudan (although if they manage to hit anything it’s probably an accident).

In the mean time, both countries are suffering economically with fuel and cash shortages.


C’mon people… sing it with me now:

What is it good for?

And for some solid and snark, the aid world reaction to being in the shit, courtesy of Cynan (probably one of the funniest things I’ve read lately).


6 responses to “No, No, This Not That, Please

  1. No me gusta.

  2. second that too

    • But I bet the people in Bentiu and in the northern states like it even less than us.

      Plus, If it makes you feel better, I have friends who work in security who think the antonov thing is just a rumor.

  3. To some it may be a rumor… but I have also been told by several people independently that they’ve heard them circling late at night (I sleep too soundly, not sure I’d hear much unless it was right outside the door. I even think I’ve started to sleep through the mangos dropping on my roof and THEY sound like a grenade)

    • My security source claims that antonovs can’t get from the north to juba and back without refueling. Now migs on the other hand… (but then again migs could actually aim with some accuracy and would be better tasked to taking the bridges out instead of the antonovs which miss and then hit UNMISS ooooops).

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