Rolex, I Want to Write You A Love Song

I have mentioned rolex before, but my lunch today reminded me of how very much rolex might be South Sudan’s most perfect food.

They also sort of remind me of Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock.

You take some eeeeeeggs
Fry ’em in some ooooil
Fold ’em in chapaaaaatiiiii…
You’ve got greasy roooleeexx!




My colleagues here once, upon discovering (much to their amusement) how much I love rolex, exclaimed, “But that’s what Uni[versity] students eat!”

So basically, rolex is equivalent to something like Top Raman, or maybe pizza. Which could explain why it is so, so, so very delicious.  Well that and the 3 gallons of oil on each one.


10 responses to “Rolex, I Want to Write You A Love Song

  1. Any post involving Tina Fey singing has to be a good one. and yay MS Paint pictures!

  2. That was my lunch today too! To make them even more yummy (yes that is actually possible) you can add either sweet chili sauce (which I thought was my favorite until I discovered the next option) OR even better add the green Tabasco sauce (you can get it at Phenecia and probably JIT). For appropriate egg to chapati ratio, go with the 2 eggs version.

    Oh and by the way – have you seen the other versions they do? There’s the classic 1 egg fried then rolled inside the chapati, the same with 2 eggs, and then the other ones I’d never seen before including egg on both side of the chapati (sort of a chapati french toast) served as is OR rolled inside yet another chapati. then there’s the egg and chapati rolled but then chopped up and put inside a bowl of beans… and I think there was one more I have forgotten.

    • On it with the hot sauce. And someone was just telling me about the double egg/double chapti mix! crazy! I’ve seen/had the chopped up with beans one though. mmmm. yum.

      • I was in the car a few weeks ago with a few colleagues including a new one (had just arrived that day)and we were, of course, discussing the rolex yumminess… and the new one asked where the term Rolex came from… so I explained the mashing up of “rolled” “eggs” and another colleague who had been here well over 6 months had one of those “duh” moments, because she’d never realized the connection.

      • Ha. WIN. It took me probably about that long to ask just because I didn’t want to sound dumb by not knowing I think.

  3. We had these for breakfast in Uganda all the time! It was like someone poured egg over chapati, and than fried it all over again – so delicious… Took me 3 weeks to realize that “rolex” sounds the same as “rolled eggs”

    • Exactly! So freaking good. I asked my coworkers if it was “rolex” or “rolled eggs” and they all assure me that its the former, and that it just somehow evolved into that from wonky english. Meh, who knows. I dont care what they’re called as long as they stay delicious.

  4. A rolex gave me a stomach parasite, for which I needed antibiotics. That is all.

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