Resort Town, Eh?

Not to undermine the seriousness of the entire shitshow that’s unfolding minute by minute in the north, but a line struck me from a recent (very serious, very sad) article (that you should read in seriousness and ignore the part I’m about to talk about):

“Under the command of Maj. Gen. Kolchara Nyang, ten thousands SSLA forces are now matching towards Manga, a resort town of Governor Taban Deng Gai.[emphasis mine]

Really… resort town?  Never having been to Manga, I can nearly assure you that it is not in fact a “resort town” such that one would normally think of. Unless I’m mistaken and it really is just a lush land next to the Nile and full of armed SPLA pool boys and daiquiris.

Come visit beautiful Manga!

I’m sure it’s lovely, but probably more like this:

More like this

So there’s that.

(But no really, read the article.)


One response to “Resort Town, Eh?

  1. i thought i was the onli one who got dat……almost fell of my seat.

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