The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For…

That’s right loyal readers. In case you’re unaware, a monumental shift in the international esteem and sovereignty of South Sudan has occurred.

After months and months and months of waiting (and several angry comments/suggestions at the FAQ/Help section)…

Facebook. Added. South. Sudan. As. A. Country.



Shit just got real up in here folks.

Who needs the UN when you’ve got Facebook in control of the real validation?

I’m so happy I no longer live in Juba, Sudan.  Juba, South Sudan is far more picturesque.

Pretty *SOUTH* Sudan

Thumbs up, Zuckerberg team (only took you 9.5 months…)


10 responses to “The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For…

  1. Now if only WordPress would add a *like* button. Oh wait.. they already did…

  2. They just wanted to make sure the whole sovereignty thing would stick before going through the I’m sure arduous task of adding another country option to their list. They don’t like to make many changes to Facebook, you know 🙂

  3. Let’s hope they aren’t having to remove it any time soon, either.

  4. Now if only every other site on the interwebs would follow… I’d like to point out that Jon Stewart was all over this on Day 1 of SS.

  5. Now we can get onto skype…

    • Rumor is that if you download the most recent version of skype it actually does have South Sudan on it. My internet is too slow to successfully do that, but… that’s the rumor.

  6. I checked the skype website – still nothing listed under rates for South Sudan on one part of the website, but found it on another rates list… and when I tried to call my phone from skype it did work :)… so I guess while they don’t advertise the rates, you now can call a +211 number from skype — 24.8 cents a minute including VAT.

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