Showers, Beer, Thai, and Monorails Somehow

In my first 4 hours on the ground, I’ve had:

a) A hot shower,  i) with A1 water pressure

b) Two decadent beers (that actually have, you know, *flavor*), and

c) Thai food from a place that actually had noodles when I ordered a noodle dish (looking at you, Home and Away…)

Amerikuh, I know we’ve had our issues in the past, but… but… sometimes I really love you.

And in other news, when the hell did Heathrow get mini-Monorails to the car rental places?

What… *is* that freaking thing?!?

Um… obviously it’s been a while since I was in Heathrow.  I was unaware they’d moved to 1970.  Or Orlando.

Also, I’m  freaked out how fast that photo uploaded. WHOA.  Need to start slowly back into these things.


2 responses to “Showers, Beer, Thai, and Monorails Somehow

  1. Aussie in Juba

    lol… How fast that photo uploaded…. Some of us dream of such speeds :p

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