In Which Erin Realizes Technology *Owns* Her. Hard

I swear I once was a part of a program for a year where I worked and lived in a community who held as one of its main tenants as “Simple Living.”

Then somehow this happened:

This is really not okay.

Yes. Yes that would be:

1 laptop, 1 netbook, 1 external keyboard (as netbook’s is broken) 1 iPad, 1 kindle, 1 external drive, 1 smartphone (international), 1 nokia phone (S.Sudan), 1 tracfone (US), 1 iPod, and 1 iPod shuffle. Not pictured: 1 verizon phone (US).

And yes. Many of these devices are redundant. But I swear there’s reasons for each one. Sort of.

I used to wear my pants until they were threadbare. And then patch the holes. I still make my own cards out of old magazines and scrap paper. I prefer homemade things as gifts. Hell, I lived without a cell phone for a year and now I own FOUR?! How did my life become this???

(In my slight defense, the smartphone is an attempt to consolidate the four phones, and the laptop and one phone were provided by work)

This is not okay.

And I’m blaming Juba.


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