Maybe It Will?

Every morning I dutifully take my travel french press (Slightly related: best. sister. EVER.) into our kitchen at work to make myself some coffee. And I mean real, brewed coffee, none of this Nescafe/Africafe crap.

And without fail, nearly every morning, whichever coworker is in there proceeds to make some comment such as, “You, you like to take the strong coffee!”

Now, I don’t know if there’s more caffeine in the instant or brewed coffee (and every single morning I wonder this), but I nod and say yes, yes, but of course, and oh my how delicious it is.

This morning my coworker and I had this slightly different conversation:

Coworker: “Oh, such strong coffee. It smells good, but me, I prefer tea.”
Erin: “Yes, I know, most people here do. But I find it just so delicious.”
C: “Americans, you all drink coffee I think. Us here, we drink more tea.”
E: “Well, yes, I think more Americans probably drink coffee than tea. But there are many people who drink tea in the US, I promise.”
C: “But you prefer coffee. Strong coffee.”
E: “Yes.”
C: “Someday perhaps it will kill you, all that caffeine.”
<awkward silence>
E: “… Errmm… Let’s hope not?”

So… er, something to aim to avoid, I suppose.

(ETA: The amount of times I’ve posted about coffee on this blog, and the corresponding implication of how important that indicates my daily caffeine fix is in my life, leads me to believe this is more likely to be my demise than I originally thought.)


6 responses to “Maybe It Will?

  1. Does your coworker not realize that tea also has caffeine? And studies have shown that coffee is good for you. 🙂 (slightly related: you’re. welcome.)

    • According to my coworker, coffee has three times as much caffeine as tea. It was early and I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so I couldn’t get into that discussion with him.

  2. Coffee has at least twice as much caffeine as tea, but if you’re drinking a metric ass-ton of tea (yes, that’s a scientific standard measurement, thanks for asking) – you’re getting way more caffeine anyway. At least, that’s how it is down here.

    I’ve had this conversation with my coworkers on a number of occasions. I make a packet of Starbucks via at the clinic in the morning, with a splash of milk and no sugar, while they laugh at me because all that caffeine is going to make me infertile and give me diabetes.

    As they finish their fourth cup of tea of the morning, with three to six heaping tablespoons of sugar. (Yes. Tablespoons.)

    • Exactly. My coworkers usually take 4-6 cups of tea a day. I’ve looked up caffeine in cups of tea/coffee before (, and basically it always just seems like it depends on how strongly you brew it (duh, I guess). But no matter, I’m betting that my one cup of black coffee probably has the same or less than the 6 cups of tea most of my coworkers drink.

      And we also once were told that they were going to ask the tea person (yes we have a tea person) to limit the number of cups people took because they put so much sugar in it, and prices were rising too fast for our budget to handle. People threatened to quit : ) (mostly jokingly… but the sugar/tea limit was rescinded).

      • OH GOD, THE SUGAR PRICES. There are 8 people who work at my facility – 7, if you don’t count me (I don’t take tea). The facility committee looked over the budget and declared we could only buy 2.5kg of sugar per month. That’s almost 6 pounds. Per month. This reduction, which apparently cut our sugar budget by over half (a good thing, since we couldn’t afford gauze at the time) was met with so much wailing and gnashing of teeth that the nurse in charge literally threatened to organize a STRIKE. The problem was eventually solved: the committee would pay for the 2.5kg per month, while the remaining 3-4kg per month required would be paid for by voluntary contributions out of the staff’s personal funds.

        Of course, I’m sure they’ll get the last laugh, because as soon as I return to America I will go back to putting a packet of Splenda in everything until I grow tumors on my eyeballs. Pick your poison, I suppose.

      • I wish I could explain how much this just made me laugh. You know, in a nice, compassionate, solidarity, slash also just hilarious way. And yes. Seriously.

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